Kobieta i Biznes 2018

KiB 2018 OkładkaWomen who are successful in business represent simultaneously strong female and strong male characteristics – it is the main conclusion of empirical studiesconducted by Monika Różycka. Professor Jovina Anggives the definitions of such concepts as coach, mentor, sponsor, and she points out the key role of sponsoring in advancement of women on managerial positions. Anna Górska describes the Mincer “substitution effect” theory and concludes that it is no longer reflected in the reality of XXI century. Female participation on the labour market is dependent on numerous variables and cannot be explained by only one measurement as was suggested by J. Mincer.

Contents of “Women and Business” 2018:

– The conditions of women’s success in the context of appreciation of female values (Monika Różycka)

– Why career sponsorship matters for advancing women (Jovina Anggives)

– Women in the labour market in Poland and USA  in the context of Mincer’s substitution effect (Anna Górska)

Numer: 1-4/2018 (POBIERZ)