Kobieta i Biznes 2019

"Women & Business" is an annual publication of International Forum of Women and Warsaw School of Economics, Collegium of the World Economy in polish and in english.

KiB 2019 I str (maly)

The studies whose results have been published in the last decade indicate that employing women at the highest managerial levels brings a company both, economic and non-economic benefits.A larger share of women at senior managerial positions is an important hint for shareholders, who pay ever more attention to the gender composition of management boards.The newest data on share of women on managerial positions in Poland and European Union average as well as the benefits  are presentedin the article written byEwaLisowska. The second article treats about variety faces of women’s poverty. The Authors confirmed that  women represent a considerable proportion of poor people in Poland. The symptoms of poverty discussed in the paper support the thesis that poverty in Poland is feminised. The third  paper (based on empirical study) gives an overview of the most important managerial competencies from the point of view of employees, and answer the question how gender influence the managerial style.

Contents of „Women and Business” 2019:
  • — Women at managerial positions and the competitiveness of companies (Ewa Lisowska)
  • — The faces of women’spoverty in Poland (Aleksandra Kubecka, Martyna Wanda Koziorzemska, Justyna Nowotniak)
  • — Gender and managerial competencies as viewed by subordinates (Luiza Niechoda)

Women & Business 1-4/2019 (Download)